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    I am a person, and I should be treated like one. Not like some piece of meat!! I have feelings and emotions to, ya know!! Don't be such a bastard!! I hate you!!! No. No I don't. How could I hate you? I love you. *sob*sniff* I'm sorry. I SAID I WAS SORRY!!!! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?! I'M NOT A MACHINE!!! I CAN'T ALWAYS BE READY FOR YOUR LITTLE SEXUAL FANTASIES!!!! Only Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sundays between 2pm & 8pm.

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The links down below are all links to friends pages. I'm the only web nerd in my family, and my friends ARE practically family. (Free-loading bastards. Why is it always me, huh? It's always ME!! I can't keep on giving!! I'm running out of stuff to give!! Why? Why must I be so generous?)


I have friends. They are people. They are good friends. I don't know where'd I be without them. Probably sitting in a corner by myself. Actually I'd probably be in a big house in L.A with a Porsche. (Free loading bastards. It's all their fault. THIER'S!!! NOT MINE!! IT'S NEVER MINE!!!)


I am interested in Drama (doesn't mean I'm gay), writing, drawing, music and some other stuff I can't think of. Blowing stuff up is fun. Oooh!! If you have any cooking spray, that makes a good flamethrower. I probably shouldn't be saying this. Someone's gonna burn someone else's nads off or something. And I'll get blamed for it. Ah well. That's life. Deal with it no nads. It's not my fault. Blame your dumbass friend. He's the one that burnt your nads off. Not me.