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Talkin' smack about me.

So you want the skinny on moi? Well here you go then.

Name: Andrew Sutherland James

Alias: Andy J, Mr Bubble-and-Squeek, AJ, mogley, Andy-pants.

D.O.B: 12th March 1983

Sex: Male (and no, I've decided to NOT go for the obvious joke here)

Edukayshun: Kindergarten, some Primary school's I can't remember, Eastern Hutt, Hutt Intermediate, Hutt Valley High School, Victoria University Wellington

Family: Mum (Fiona); Dad (Peter); younger brother Alex; younger sister Tori; half-brother Michael (older); half-sister Hannah (older); Grandad (Ian) and Grandma (Sybil); Uncle Jamie, Auntie Pauline and cousins Hillary, Stuart and Charlotte; Uncle Donald, Auntie Anne and cousins Emma and Owen; Grandad Henry; Grandma Pam; Uncle Simon, Aunt Sue and cousins Josie, Olivia, Brie, Sylvie and Vincent; Uncle Paul and cousins Mark, David and his son Aslan; Aunt Miranda; Aunt Rebecca.

People I would like to meet: my biological maternal grandmother (she died when my Mum was young), Arthur C. Clarke, Alexander the Great (he's last 'cos he spoke 4th Century BC Macedonian and Greek, while I speak 21st Century AD English)

Likes: music, bubblewrap, movies, tigers.
Dislikes: pop music, onions, brussel sprouts, rottweilers.


I'm not very good at writing about myself...so I got other people to do it!

"definition:male version of Francesca. Francesa:female version of Andy.
Andy: damn hilarious, always provides a laugh...*amazing* at coming up with scripts etc, strange lil stories and just...stuff in general. Good friend, one could say...:) oh and damn good at doing accents...like the irish mudwiggle *giggle* " - Tasha

"I think you're a great person. Your "Da Man"! How's that? Is that good enough? I've known you for ages (since we were eight), so we're pretty good friends.
There you go, no silly shally." - Jeeves.

"I think you are very witty and funny. And ya seem like an all aroundgood guy, from what I can tell. Is that all ya need?" - Keawie

"I adore andy. He's stupid and makes an ass out himself rather easily - so I think he'd be perfect for his future aspiration of grand high ruler of the world. As long as he gives me antartica. =)" - Marissa

"I would tell you what i think of you, but i kind of don't really know you, only through emails. But from those emails i think that you are funny and strange :) you've got a good sense of humour." - Rach

"How does one go about describing Andy without using words like &%#*()* and ?()*%p ? Surely there must be someone out there who is as crazy and off-beat as Andy but I have yet to come across him/her. Oh, he pisses me off now and then alright (your crude jokes will be the end of you, buddy), but one day... Nah. He's a good friend. A very odd friend. A very very strange human.
Andy, you suck." - Chris.

"One hell of a jerky salesman" - Steve.

"well i think that you're hilarious and you're the coolest little bro ever! and i'd also like to add that i have a great ass" - Leah

"ok andy ive only known you like for a month but you are crazey and seem to have me constantly laughing at you or just in general, and have a fascinaton with transformers for some reason. oh and you read the dune serious so therefore u have to be cool. well in my opinion anyway. You can't take over the world cos i am so there and once i rule the world you won't be able to take it over from me cos that just won't be possiable so haha." - Jen.

"AJ, (I gave him that name I think) you're a lad. And a damn fine lad at that.
See folks, I can say this, AJ being a lad and all, because I have known him since we shared a fox hole in 'Nam. You may know that few Kiwis were sent to battle the evil Viet Cong, but AJ and myself were there, huddled together in a pool of Garry, sharing our last durry while Charlie ripped through our front lines and popped a cap in our senior officer. Needless to say, I was losing my shit, having been in the SAS for only a few weeks before being deploywd, but loyal and battle hardened AJ was there to help me along. We were hunkered down there for days, and when it had been several hours since the last English speaking voice had faded out and the cries of "Momma!" had ceased, and all we could hear was the rasp of Vietnamese, AJ decided to take action. I will always remember the sight of AJ poking his head gingerly out of the hole like a cautious rabbit checking for wolves. After a spell, he sat back and filled me in. Approximately seven or eight Viet Cong had been posted at our old base, and they had taken no prisoners. We both checked our ammo, ready for the assault. For two SAS soldiers, seven Viet Cong would be no trouble, and it was AJ's rousing speech that got me to budge. He led the charge, dispatching two men caught of guard as they rooted through some Kiwi rations and a couple of old issues of Playboy. "That's my porn bitch!" AJ cried as they fell to three rounds aimed with both eyes and one hand. There was the crack of gunfire and my legs shot away beneath me before I could get a round off! My rifle felw from my hands, and the Viet Cong who'd shot me were sprinting from the bushes. AJ didn't miss a beat, felling them with a spray of bullets, also killing two retreaters with a grenade. From the ground I wiped the sweat and mud from my eyes and fired with my sidearm, dropping two soldiers, AJ finshed them with his combat knife as he ran to scoop up his Playboys and kill the last soldier.
AJ sat with me all day and all night forgoing sleep and food to hold his hand over the wounds in my leg. I'll never forget what he said as the sun came up and the sound of the Huey invaded the early morning sky as it appeared over the treetops. He looked at me, face ingrained with mud, blood and the filth of war. "We play Nintendo games way too much."
I nooded sullenly.
"But I always have time for some Zelda!" he beamed.
Yeah, he's better than bad." - Sam

"I really don't know you very well. All I know is that you are very funny. You make me laugh all the time. You must be a very sweet guy and awesome to be around." - Consuelo

"Seriously i think you are a clown and you think you are the best actor in the world, even though you are alright you condem anyone who cant act aswell as you. If you are such a great actor then y havent i seen you on the tribe. Also you are slightly unsociable (i havn't seen you for a while so this is baised on about a month ago) i dont know if you have changed since you started going out with francessca.
But otherwise your a nice, happy, energetic, down to earth and a fun loving guy.

Ps you asked for the truth so you got the truth if it seemed harsh. then you are a wimp." - Linda

"you are a very funny guy ummmm you can speak in poetic prose better than anyone ive met....." - Dush

"Andy, a total GIRL!
He is cool, but what kind of 17yr old wets their bed?
Andy is a very kind hearted woman with a big soul.
OK, that's about it for Andy, now on to me{Hilary}.
Andy and his bro{Alex} like to call me "Lilly-Bing", This name is half an assault and half a way to show the tiny bite of love that has managed to get inside them.
I told Andy to put a PAGE about me on his web-site, because I'm the BEST and that his site was not very good. But do you think he would listen? No he just put my NAME on there, saying I was his cousin! {Some Cousin he is!!!}
So I think with what you all have herd, you will agree with me when I say Hilary Sutherland is the BEST!!! Oh, and Andy is alright too, if he has dry pants!" - Hilary (my cousin)

"I never thought I'd ever actually know anyone who was as insane, looney, and a hazard to the public as I was... Andy-Pandy.... Come on Down!!!! It's amazing to finally know some one with the following qualities, & then some: so into 80's cartoons(disappointed that Fraggle Rock did not get a mention), and someone who can not only laugh at themselves, but laugh with others at them selves. Someone who is fun to be around with, and some one who is just plain odd. Whenever I count anything I here the sweet voice of group six in perfect harmony "1 hahahaha, 2 hahahaha, 3 hahahahah....." Andy-Pandy, never loose your errrrrm whatever, there just aren't enough of us on Earth these days....And to put it simply, you're one of us, one of the ones that are not quite human as most people on Earth. I say all of this with nothing but nice warm thoughts, no really I do!" - Ritika

Hey! Do you know me? Of course ya do! Then email me and tell me what you think of me, and I'll put it up. mogley72@hotmail.com Cheers buddy-do-right!

Ode to Andrew

He fills the room with madness
We laugh until we choke
Injects us with hysteria
Each time he tells a joke
He loves mini mama Espie
With all his soul and heart
Not even Mama E herself
Could tear the two apart
He never seems to worry
There is honour found in that
As he never seems to wonder
if we're laughing WITH or AT!

** - by Holly Thompson

Cheers Holly ;)