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AJ's Movie Roundup

A whole lotta shite to do with movies. Reviews, news etc.

Mission Impossible 2

The plot is more predictable than an Arnold Schwarzenegger film. The characters are kinda cliched. BUT it was cool movie. Despite having an atom thin story - nowhere near as good or as interesting as the original - I loved this movie. For one simple reason: the action is da bomb diggity. You could say it was 'exhilirating' and 'high octane' but that just sounds cliched. The action fucking rocked. And all thanks to John Woo, the master of Hong Kong action, at the helm directing. Sure, sometimes it's entirely disbelievable but you just sit there thinking "damn that's cool" or "I wish I could do that" (or in the case of Jonson you say "Yeeeaaah I taught him how to do that move")
Espionage thriller? Nope. Action mongers dream? You betcha.



The film adaption of the popular Marvel comics is not as crap as most comic-to-movie adaptions out there. Espicially from Marvel. In fact, this movie is pretty darn freakin' cool. Bryan Singer has done an excellent job of directing. This movie has more 'cool shots' than any other movie I've seen. Oh yes indeed.
Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen have done right bang-up jobs as the two flip-sides of the mutant community. Yet, you wouldn't expect any thing less from these two great's of the acting world. The rest of the cast have also done excellent work as their characters. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine was superb. He suited the part magnificently. Although I did half expect him to slip with his accent "Bonza mate!"
The only place this movis is really let down is the plot. I just found it too be rather silly. An interesting idea, but I don't know about the execution of it. Also would liked to have seen more of Cyclops' leadership capability.
Altogether though.....GO SEE IT!!

Run Lola Run

A gobsmackingly excellent German film. This is the kinda thing I aspire to. Action centres around Lola who has to reach her boyfriend Manni in 20 minutes with $DM20,000 or he's gonna die. The movie plays out 3 different scenario's on what could happen. It's been described as a real-life vidoegame, which it kinda is. 3 lives to complete the game in. It's a masterpiece of modern cinema, with an arse-kicking soundtrack ta boot. GO SEE IT.

High Fidelity

A very funny movie adaption of the Nick Hornby novel starring John Cusack. All about an obsessive record store owner and his self-pity and realtionships. He and his fellow record-enthusiasts constantly make 'Top 5' lists on anything and everything. Bugger. I'm kinda tired and can't write too much more. But this movie is good, very funny. I strongly recomment you go see it. In fact, what're you still doing here? GO SEE IT