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Bollocksy crap

The Subject of Judai

It was going to be another cold morning. But that didn't bother Matthias much. He new he would be warm before the afternoon. He hoped he would at least. He would either be very warm or very cold. Alive...or dead. So many of his new friends and troop members had died in the first skirmishes. Though when he thought of skirmishes he thought of play-fighting back in the school yard. These were no play fights. These were full on battles for life or death. Matthias knew he had been lucky in survivng so far. He just hoped his luck would hold out. Then he heard it. They all heard it. That high pitched blood curdling scream. The enemy did this every time before they attacked. To distract their potential prey. But it would not work this time. As soon as Matthias heard it, his mind became focused. Focused on one goal. Complete and utter destruction of this alien threat. He looked up out of his hole. His eyes were mere slits of disgust. Yet, still he saw their huge black horible hoard charging over the hill into the valley. Nothing would stop them. Nothing...except him.

Without a word to warn them he was coming for them Matthias leaped out of his hole, his father's sword in hand. He still remembered the day his father gave it to him. The war was well under way by then and his father was too old for active duty. Matthias still remembered the sacred oath he took as his father bestowed the honour and responsibility of upholding the family code. "I shall do what is right" A simple enough oath, yet sometimes hard to carry out. Right now though, Matthias knew what was right. This threat wasn't right. It had to be stopped.

Matthias looked along his front lines at his most hardened troops. His best friends. They sat hunched in their ditches, ingrained with mud and shiny with sweat despite the sharp bite to the air. It wasn't heat sweat, it was
fear sweat. They had been in the situation countless times over the duration of the war, this war. The war they entered at the tender ages of eleven,ready for active duty, and ready to die on the front. Matthias shook his head, another wrong, but one he had no power to fix without wiping the invaders off the face of the planet. Behind the old hands were the fresh faced youngsters, excited and feeling relatively safe behind their heroes, but unawares that the hoard would most likely ignore the experienced until the new recruits were finished. Looking into each and every pair of eyes Matthias tried to pick the first to die. Klayton for sure. The hoard were still only a cloud of dust at this stage and already he had his eyes to the sights of his weapon. Too eager. Matthias also tried to remeber the last time he had seen Klayton training, or for that matter, doing anything other than sleep. He seldom cleaned his weapon, seldom polished his boots. He was undisciplined, and it would cost him today. Train hard, fight easy. Train easy, fight hard ...and die.
Matthias felt his moral sink slightly, and realised it could be dangerous, so he cheered himself up by looking at Shasa carefully cleaning the action of her Metal Storm. A promising young soldier, Matthias had looked upon Shasa since she had been sent to join his ranks. She had never seen combat, but that drawback would soon be remedied, and Matthias knew he had made the right choice when selecting her to operate the most powerful weapon a new recruit was allowed to handle. He doubted that if they won, Shasa would not be alive to celebrate.
Matthias turned back to the cloud of dust that sped across the plains of the valley, black forms could be made out at it's base, and he knew they were outnumbered. At least four to one, but without projectiles, they had to come within meters of the army to fight effectively, while Matthias and his crew could begin wiping them out at range of about a kilometer. They were almost in range, and were soon to be fighting for every meter. (Sam Prescott)

The ground started rumbling. Matthias looked down and could see loose rocks and pebbles shaking around the ground. They would be here before long. He looked around and saw other people noticing it too. They were thinking the same thing. Some, like Klayton, were scared. Others seemed almost anxious to start the blood shed. Personally, he would be glad when this war was over. Or when he at last had peace in death. Breaking through his morbid thoughts, as if out of nowhere, the ground erupted before them and 50 or so of the alien horde burst up from underground, their black carapaces glistening in the early dawn light. They started to lay waste to the troops. Matthias turned just in time to see Shasa impaled. The force of the attack was so violent it sent her blood flying to hit him, almost 7 meters away. He swore to avenge her, and would mourn her death later, when he had time. Then, he snapped on his force-shield, and with his father's sword in one hand and his side-arm in the other, he leapt into the fray. Hacking, slashing, slicing, thrusting, blasting at them at close range. His sword flashed and sliced through the enemy. His pistol became overly warm, then died. He dropeed it to the ground, it was useless now. He fought all without a word. Around him he could hear the death screams and battle cries of his fellow warriors as the battle enjoined. From various other battles though, he knew that yelling some battle cry served little purpose. In the days of the ancestors they were primarily to scare your foe. These foes didn't scare that easily. That, and it was a waste of breath. As he leapt and cut through the enemy he saw Klayton snap off a few lucky shots and actually hit something. Then, lost sight of him. Matthias put him out of his mind and adjusted his shield to use the ricochet effect - where you leapt at something and used your shield to send you hurtling the other way. It wasn't condoned officially by the Brains, but was still used. Matthias leapt at one of the dead alien carcasses and used it to send himself hurtling straight to the main cluster. With sword held out in front of him in both hands, so he bcame a flying human spear he thrust into their ranks. A foolish, reckless manouver he knew, but his best hope at that time. The blood spurted and sizzled as it hit his shield. Shasa's blood was already beginning to dry on his skin. He put her out of his mind and again began swirling and cutting with his sword. He twirled, pivoted and eventually came out the tail-end of this grouping. It was only then did he remember the main horde. He saw them, still coming and closing. Fast. He looked back to the battle ha had just left. They had all but finished the Enemy. He could see some looking up and realising just as he did. They were now too few and too weak to realistically survive the main horde descending on them. All appeared to be lost.

But then something happened. Something rather incredible. Ya wouldn't believe me if I told ya guv. So I won't.

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