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The peoples and whatnot of US vs. THEM

Character based on me. The dude with the short spiky sorta hair. Unlike me, this Andrew is not too bright and rather muscly. Like me, however, he is rather immature and easily entertained.

Based on my friend and fellow collaborater Chris Tse. Chris is the Chinese guy with big spiky hair and glasses. Chris has been given the 'gift' of razor sharp blades for hands to help combat THEM. He is the more sober, yet still entertaingly stupid character.

Another of my friends plunked into this comic. Jeeves is the cool lookin' guy with the trenchcoat and guns. The basic design for his character was originally based on a comic character of his, 'Zirk'; I added the trenchcoat though. Jeeves is the intensly serious character in the comic, always ready for action and violence while also being the very straight character to counteract the foolishness of Andrew, and to a lesser extent Chris.

A friend of mine that I met over the internet. I made her into a cat because of one simple reason: I find it really hard drawing girls. The hair goes all wrong, the eyes look funny and then people of course comment on the breast size etc etc. It was just easier to make her a cat. Plus, cats are cute. Nyuk.

OOoooooooh. THEY are evil bastards, bent on doing something evil no doubt.

Do you really need an explanation for this? He was the big beardy fellow who 'chose' me and Chris to save Earth. Hmmm...this probably goes to show that God is also prone to mistakes (I mean, look at the Emu).

Now you are fully prepared to start reading the comic. Hurrah!