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Welcome to the online comic effort that is "US vs. THEM". Come on in, sit down, relax, get something to drink (rum & coke for me please! Ahahahahahahahahahahaha!
Right. Now the cheesy intro is done with, I can get on with it. This comic is written and drawn by Andrew James and was created by Andrew and Chris Tse from a rather odd conversation one day in 1999.
To start reading the original comic clink on the link, to start with the new and improved version just click on 'Page 1' up top. To read a little bit about the characters, you, um, click on 'Characters'. Duh. Hopefully new pages will be added every week. Probably on a Sunday.
Hope this gives ya a few laughs.

-AJ Nov. 2001
New Zealand

(P.S. Don't be surprised if some other comics of mine and Chris' pops up here in due time.)
(P.P.S Hope the scanning is all alright. Balme Chris if it ain't. He tha fool that scanned everything)

Click here for the original comic...

All images, characters, concept etc. are copyright 2001 Andrew James and Chris Tse.