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What can one say about Chris? Well...
bespectacled (he wears glasses)
visionary filmmaker
very dirty, seedy and dodgy
enjoys throwing mangoes at helpless wildlife
slightly geeky, but very trendy
have known him since I was 8
Far out and groovy


Ah. Yes. Mel. Hmmmm. Well, her and my girlfriend Francesca are such big Lord of the Rings geeks that we (ie. me) have taken to calling the two of them together Merry and Pippin who they are strangely alike. Also they convinced me to wait with the in line for 8 hours with no sleep for tickets to the movie. We were first in line...for 6am tickets. Oh hooray. Well that filled some space. Cool. It'll do.


A bastard. Hassles anyone about anything. Which is alright, 'cos Nick's usually there to bash him one. Ahhh fun. But if you're not careful he'll step on your pies.


The stereotypical big guy. Is good with children and likes cats (usually with mint sauce). Can do a surprisingly high pitched laugh if he tries.
Very much into cars. He is our Automotive Guru. If we want to know anything about a car, we ask Nick. Not that we usually do want to know something about cars. But if we did, we'd go to him.
In his spare time Nick enjoys pummeling Jonson and blowing stuff up.



Yes. Hmmm. Words to describe 'Cesca:
facetitious (I think I spelt it right. it's like sarcastic)
geeky (especially with Lord of the Rings)
Yeah. She is verily one special lady to me. It's odd. I don't really want to talk about her too much, because I kinda want to keep her all for myself, yet I want to tell you all enough about her so you can sort of get to know her because she really is an excellent person to know.
Well I'll leave to puzzle it out.


01Misty Frequencies02Catch One03Random04Share The Info05The Abyss06Interlude 107Top Floor08Hold Tight09He Kotahi(As One)10Full Immersion11Roots Man12The Mish(2)13Fade-Away14Interlude 215The Natural
Rajeev (also known as Jeeves), like Chris, I have known since I first came to the Hutt and met in primary school at the age of 8. Jeeves is a good friend and an even better super-hero. Crushing crime with his mighty Thumb of Steel!
A Fijian-Indian he and his family came from, well, Fiji to New Zealand escaping from a coup. Jeeves is strongly into filmmaking and has many influences, mainly Kiwi filmmakers such as Peter Jackson, Geoff Murphy, Roger Donaldson etc etc.
Supa fly!


her name rhymes with
With a zoom
and a flash
she burts in the room
with a crash.

Do I know her?
Only over the computer.
But can you see into a person's soul
with a computer? Or should
I buy a really powerful telescope?
But that would cost lots.
Ah screw it.
(insert bongo drums here.)
Yeah. Mm-ah conspiracy theory mo-fo
Get jiggy wit' it
break-it break-it break-it down y'all.


The term 'Carrot-top' was coined specifically for this guy. Will oft times be found hunched over his computer mumbling to himself with exclamations of "Yes!" and "Oh that's good!" sometimes followed by animalistic howls of "That's not cool!" as he loses what he has been working on for the past few hours. Upon having kicked his miserly computer, Sam now retires to his virtual world via his Nintendo 64. Where he will sit for days at a time without sleep or food. Just sitting in one position, the only movement coming from his fingers as they dance across the control pad. After 3 straight days of this his skin starts to pale due to the lack of natural light and his eyes become so bloodshot as to almost be red. His body has taken on a form of living rigor mortis. His joints are stiff and nearly unmovable. His mouth has crusted over and he is only able to communicate via grunts, gurgles and snorts. A hideous sight to behold indeed.
Sam. You know he's da man.