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Cool Styles

The HVHS Senior Formal/Ball/Prom 2000!!

Lovely pic o' us.

Me and Francesca at Chris' before the Formal

It has come, and it has gone. The social event of our year, the senior Formal! And it was a blast!! I had so much fun, even got ma groove thing going on the dance floor. It was great seeing everyone all styled up in their formal duds.
'Cesca, well, 'Cesca looked simply amazing. I was quite simply breath-taken when I saw her. Wow.
And we gots a Limo there!! Man, that was COOL!! I finally got to have a ride in a bona-fide Limo!! Sweetness.
All-in-all a fantastic night. The band was good, playing heaps o' cool songs, food was alright and just a great night.


Rajeev and I in our 'suit models' pose. Note the 'artistic angle' on the photo.


The two schmucks, Nick and Jonson, who didn't go to the Formal. Schmucks.


The schmucks who did go to the Formal. (note how I'm not in this pic, and therefore am not a schmuck. Nyuk nyuk.)

Fightin' crime in style!

You guessed it. Charlie's Angels.


Tha Boys in their monkey suits...
(l-r. Glen, Jeeves, me, Phil, Chris)


...and the girls in their flash dresses. (l-r. Katie, Francesca, Tash)


Chris and Rajeev auditioning for the next 'Hallensteins' catalogue.


The Limo-riders and the Limo!! Yeah! (I know it's kinda dark. SOMEONE didn't use the flash)
(l-r 'Cesca, me, Tash, Jeeves, Katie, Phil)


Ya got ta love this pic. I have no idea what Phil's doing, but I'm doing another 'Hallensteins' pose.