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The visible Invisible

Here are pics of my online pals. So they might not actually look like they say they do. Do you know this person?

Marissa. Possibly the only person I've met who is as mental and immature as me (in the same age group) A chick who's very much into her cartoons (having a whole bunch o' TV themes on her computer. More then me!)
If there's someone on ICQ I enjoy taking to more, I have yet to meet them. She's da best net friend this Kiwi could ask for. Quite simply, she da bomb diggity.
A comics geek, which is soooo damn cool 'cos I used to be one to (I stopped 'cos it was costing me too much). I feel I can let my inner geek shine thru when I talk to her... And always ready to correct me on anything and everything. Ranging from how I won't be able to mind-control sea-lions, to the spelling of "Huzzah!"
As of Tuesday I believe, she is my 2nd in Command of my Army for World Domination. Not only does this entitle her to more land when I divy up the world, but it also offers a better dental plan. Yeah, she's gettin' Antarctica.

Canadia woo!

Here's two snappy lil' photos of my big sis from Canada. Leah! Yay for big sisters! (Just a note: she isn't ACTUALLY my sister. We like to think of each other as siblings tho'. Doink!)She enjoys coffee (yuck!) and cookies. I'm sure she likes other stuff too, but this is what I've picked up. She is fiercily Canadian. Nyuk nyuk nyuk. Oh yeah, also enjoys shakin' her ass. In her Space Pants.

Sister Leah!

Coming soon! More pictures of people I've never seen before!!

My dear dear clone.

On the right is my friend Joey. Cloned at birth (we're still trying to determne who is the clone, and who's the real person) I was sent to New Zealand whereas she was sent to bonny ole' Ireland. Little did our cloners know that we would one day meet up again via the net. We know plot to destroy them for messin' with us. We're gonna find them...and give 'em a good smack.
Joey actually owes me a coupla sexual favours. I don't know if I'll collect on these, as well it could be called incest but probably more like having sex with yourself. And that'd just be weird.

Karyn. Quite simply I reckon she's my best online friend. if we actually knew each other in real life I get the feeling we'd be pretty damn good friends as well. This lil' chickadee hails from the frozen tundra of Canadia, and she is it's Mistress. Plus she's a right foxy little Eskimo, aren't ya Karyn? (and I KNOW Eskimo's aren't from Canada so you can just shut yer big fat trap)
Anyway, back to Karyn. I can easily say she's as wacked out and crazy as me. She keeps saying that she's gonna be visiting New Zealand, but keeps putting it off for some reason or another. What's keeping you, eh Karyn? (God I hope it's not 'cos you're some 40 year old bald guy. That would just be disturbing)
Picture up here soon, so don't worry.